Duane Jones – Art Pays Me

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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uane Jones
 was born and raised in Bermuda and moved to Halifax to pursue a degree in Communication Design at the Nova Scotia Scotia College of Art and Design. He’s worked as an artist and designer since graduating from NSCAD in 2004. Comic book art influenced a lot of Duane’s early creative work. Later in life, hip hop and Swiss design would also have an impact.

When you choose to make your living from your creative talent, you WILL come up against some resistance. So when I saw Duane’s designs on Instagram it struck me like a bolt of lighting. It was a bold statement about Art and Money “ART PAYS ME”. A declaration of where he stands and what he stands for. In our interview, he unpacks what it all means, and how it all started.

Some questions I asked:

  • What did you do to find your creative voice?
  • Finish this sentence… Broke “___”.
  • How did you bridge art and commerce as a creative business owner?
  • How do you start a conversation with a client to try something different or unique?
  • Have you ever made a decision from your gut without research to back it up?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why he says Go big or Go home
  • About his frustration with the creative industry
  • Why he gave up playing Xbox, but still keeps his membership
  • How he came up with Art Pays Me and the Woke collection
  • What happens in life when you focus
  • How a designer leads a company and makes decisions
  • Why design is a competitive advantage in business
  • What happened to his creativity at art school
  • What to do when you have complete creative freedom on a project
  • What Dwayne learned about his dad after his father passed away
  • Why he’s obsessed with legacy

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