Tracy Moore

Tracy Moore, TV Journalist and host of Cityline, Born: Toronto, ON

Tracy Moore can be described as nothing short of a woman with a vision. Now made complete by motherhood, Ms Moore has it all. Born in Toronto and raised in Richmond Hill where she loved to write as a high school student, she overcame every obstacle placed before her with tenacity and now she is living out her dream.

Starting off modestly as a CTV Newsnet intern, Ms Moore later started working behind the camera as videographer for CBC. This is when the windows started opening and she no sooner found herself in front of the camera instead as a back-up host and CBC News world anchor. Here she led a documentary series on the working poor and a local series on the city’s gun violence. But it did not stop there; one can even say it was just beginning. Because of her hard work displayed at CBC and her obvious promise as a reporter, Ms Moore went on to become a reporter /anchor for Toronto1’s daily news magazine: Toronto Tonight.

Then in the fall of 2005, she started working as a live reporter for Citytv’s Breakfast Television. Soon enough, she had displayed enough promise, drive and dedication and was a fill-in for the show’s lead anchor and even covering her own live breaking news.

Having left on maternity leave in 2008, she returned after a six-month leave to what she described as her dream job: replacing Marilyn Denis as host on Cityline. But with all this, Ms Moore would say her greatest accomplishment is motherhood. She now has two children: a son Sidney and daughter Eva Simone.

Ever active within her community, she promotes non-violence at Toronto high schools and annually emcees ‘Girls on the Run’ a program that is designed to boost the self esteem of young girls.

Education: BS Political Science (Honours) and BA in Journalism at McGill University (1999) and Masters at the University of Western Ontario (2000).

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK AND WHY? This is the hardest question to answer because I’ve been getting through several books a year for many years. I’m going to go with Sula or The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. Morrison exposed the black experience to me in a way I had never before seen it. She is eloquent and in my eyes – a bit of a genius.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE QUOTE? “Don’t be afraid to have people underestimate you.” (from best friend, Sandra Jackson-Vassell).

GIVEN THE CHANCE, WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE TO DO THAT YOU HAVE NOT DONE YET? Open up a charity to help young, Canadian Black kids in the system or in neighborhoods that need a boost.

WHO INSPIRES YOU? My mom and dad. They’ve been married for over 40 years and still know how to laugh, talk and argue effectively. They love each other and their children more than anything in the world. Now that’s inspiring.

WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO? I feel that lifestyle broadcasting is an incredible fit with who I am. It can be light-hearted, fun, silly, informative and introspective. But I started out in journalism with the goal of somehow helping people out. I think I’m getting there.

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