Dianne Hyles

Dianne Prevatt-Hyles

Director, Liberation Practice International, Toronto, ON. Born: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

Dianne Prevatt-Hyles is the Director of Liberation Practice International (LPI) which provides training on equity, diversity and transformation throughout the human services and grass root communities. LPI trains in Canada, England, South America, and across the Caribbean. Her model, “The 7E’s of Liberation”, has been documented in a DVD series that is sold in university libraries internationally. The LPI model has now been integrated into an LPI Coaching Program, developed in conjunction with Jana Vinsky. Dianne has also taught university and college instructors across Canada and the Caribbean, on how to teach her approach. She is contract faculty at York University and Ryerson University’s Schools of Social Work, where her model has been taught to instructors, students and field educators.

Dianne’s work has been influenced by her 40 years of diverse social work practiced internationally. She has worked within multiple settings with individuals, families, groups, communities and social planning, and has been influenced by Black feminist writers and activists and her own family who have been committed to social justice education globally over several generations. Dianne most enjoys working with grassroots community activists, supporting people to live out their passion.

Dianne’s commitment and passion for effecting change and supporting youth and the Black community in a comprehensive innovative manner has inspired her community activism, especially within community and educational settings. She facilitated community and accessible services for youth and their families, including being part of a group initiating the ongoing Oriole Community Services Association and Black Secretariat in the 70’s, was on their first Board of Directors. Her involvement with Harriet Tubman Community youth organization as staff and Board of Directors was highlighted with Heritage tutorials and is still an ongoing summer camp.

At the Board and Ministry level, curriculum material was explored with other educators and social workers for tools of inclusion and respect around race and other issues in the curriculum. She was involved in facilitating services and change within all levels of the educational system, including the present Race Relations Department within the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Ministry committees have since been formed to address these issues and continue today.

Favourite book? Not a book, but Maya Angelou’s poem, “And Still I Rise”. It inspires self-love, pride in heritage and that ‘don’t let nothing stop you’ outlook. And nothing has stopped me.

Favourite quote? “Laugh your laugh, cry your cry and then be still and know that I am God.”

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t yet? I would love to reach many through our newly integrated Liberation Practice International(LPI) coaching model, developed through our LPI Reflective Practice Approach and have an opportunity to recognize power relations within an everyday context.

Who inspires you? My ancestors and generations of family, including the next, who were/are so committed to educational change, reaching out to others and social justice.

Why do you do what you do? The passion and energy that has always driven me in different ways to reach my community and share transformation strategies at different periods of my life, still brings great knowledge and connection. It is still here.

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