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Absolutely – The Founder, Ricardo McRae, is a seasoned speaker, business owner and media guest. If you would like him to speak on behalf of Black In Canada and/or about Black Excellence in Canada please see the speaking page for more details.
It Depends – We promote other people’s events, when we have an existing relationship / partnership with your organization or when the event content and marketing materials and social media demonstrate excellence in the Black community.
It Depends – We are always open to listening to partnership opportunities  with other organizations, business and events especially when the purpose, content, marketing materials and social media demonstrate excellence. And are aligned in our intention.
Excellence Personified – All who demonstrate consistent excellence and success in their fields are eligible for inclusion in Black In Canada. All professions or activities are ineligible. We also welcome applications and nominations individuals have made a significant contribution through their work or their service to the community. Consistency, persistence, overcoming adversity and excellence are what we look for.
Everyone – We’ve heard from the parents of individuals who we’ve featured, to students of all ages from across the world, to mainstream media and businesses. The wonderful thing about being an online platform is that anyone with internet access, can access the site. It’s worth mentioning that to date, over 1 million visitors have come to our platform from hundreds of countries around the world. That’s why we exist.
Yes, for now – If you are selected to be featured on the platform, our team will work with you at no charge to create a special feature for you. However, if you wish to make any updates at all after the piece is published, there is a $99.99 + HST fee charged to cover costs of additional editing. As for the general public and visitors, you are ‘free’ to roam the platform anytime at no charge.
No – At Black in Canada we value the privacy of those whom we feature. It’s our policy to keep the contact information of our network private. However, any information that these individuals approved for the public is available at the bottom of each feature in the area labeled “Contact Name_Here”. Please look there to access whatever we have permission to disclose.
Easy – Once a year we open applications and you can apply at that time. Click Here to get on the list and to be the first notified when applications are open.
Only with permission – Our team has spent thousands of hours interviewing, writing, and editing all the content for this website.  Please respect our efforts and simply click the “media inquiry” button on this page and submit a request to use our content.
Evolution – Who’s Who in Black Canada (WWIBC) has evolved over the years, and is now integrated as part of the Black In Canada digital platform. A Brief History In 2002 WWIBC was a directory / book written by Dawn Williams In 2010 WWIBC the copyright and ownership was given over to Ricardo McRae and translated for the web. In 2015 it became Black In Canada. Canada’s leading source about Black Excellence.


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