FERGUSON’S Unfinished Suites

 Andrew Forde musical response to #MikeBrown
Album:¬†FERGUSON’S ¬†Unfinished Suites
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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ndrew Nathaniel Forde is described as a modern day polymath. A notable and award winning Canadian engineer, entrepreneur, violinist, and philanthropist. Efficacious by nature, Mr. Forde is determined to leave an insightful and important impact on the world, yielding long term positive gain to future generations.

Motivated by the prospect of impacting the future, Mr. Forde also holds the principle that “greatness can be developed in everyone and found in every task.‚Ä̬† The empowerment of individuals by spreading this same principle is imperative. And so, with this principle in action, Mr. Forde believes that life should be lived in a way that benefits others through personal growth and innovation. It is not enough to contemplate the future state and possibilities of the world when dedicated study, empathy, and thoughtfulness in action, can solve the most complex of problems.

FERGUSONDeeply moved¬†by the circumstances in Ferguson Missouri and the killing of Michael Brown. Andrew created¬†an album entitled “FERGUSON’S ¬†Unfinished Suites¬†– For Solo Violin” in response to make a difference. Today¬†you can download the¬†entire album of inspiring and moving work here¬†here¬†for FREE.
We stand in solidarity. #JusticeForMikeBrown #BlackLivesMatter

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