Luther Brown

Luther Brown

Choreographer / Artistic Director / Founder / Owner, Do Dat Entertainment & Judge, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Los Angeles, CA. Born: Kingston, Jamaica.

Once every couple of years, there emerges one or two individuals who come about that creatively raise the level of the playing field in their respective industry. Their peers are amazed at their level of performance and wonder how they continually outdo their last success. As a result, they increase the competitiveness, drive and passion of those that surround them. And if you are lucky enough to be in their presence, you hope that some of their knowledge, wisdom and success will rub off on you. Luther Brown undoubtedly is one of these individuals.

As the founder and owner of Do Dat Entertainment, Luther channeled his creative energy and innovative vision that transformed the formerly unknown Toronto urban dance community into the thriving industry it is today. During Do Dat’s existence for the past 15 years, many dancers that have had the opportunity to work with Luther have gone on to lead very successful careers in the industry, as a direct result of the skills they developed under his tutelage. Being of Jamaican decent, Luther grew up in a household where music and the arts were a part of daily living. As a child, he quickly adapted an ear for music through assisting his father on the Toronto based radio show, The Caribbean Crucible on CHRY 105.5.

His love for the arts continued to develop throughout high school as he formed and ran numerous dance and step teams, while at the same time expressing himself creatively through a pen and pad as a songwriter. It’s very evident that his love for music and the arts was developed from an early age. His love and experience has given him the ability to capture the true essence of an artist and portray their feelings through individual moves that combine to form a unique, choreographed dance piece. This God-given talent and vision is what sets this choreographer apart from his peers. His skills speak for themselves and as a result, have allowed him to work with world-renowned artists such as Diddy, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Brandy, Shawn Desman, Jully Black and many, many more. His natural ability to create a warm, friendly working environment has gained him the respect of many artists, fellow choreographers and dancers throughout the world.

As the popularity of the urban dance segment continues to rapidly grow amongst North America’s mainstream culture, so does the direction and creative vision Luther provides on movie, television & music video sets across the world. With the recent wave of dance-oriented reality shows, Luther has been recruited to be a resident judge & choreographer on the hit series So You Think You Can Dance Canada for the past three seasons, and has also been featured multiple times on Diddy’s Making The Band 4 series.

Luther’s soulful and innovative choreography has influenced many videos such as: Brandy’s “Talk About Our Love”, Jully Black’s “Runnin”, Skye Sweetnam’s “Human”, Shawn Desman’s “Shiver,” as well as Diddy’s “Tell Me” video featuring Christina Aguilera. His choreography has also been featured in commercials spots for McDonalds, M&M’s Chocolates, KFC, Family Channel and Nike – the latter was a winner of the 2007 Choreography Media Awards for Best Choreography in a Commercial. His work has been featured on major awards shows for Alicia Keys (2009 American Music Awards) and for Jully Black (2008 Juno Awards); and also alongside that of Laurie-Ann Gibson in the major motion picture, Honey, starring Jessica Alba.

Luther has also been fundamental in launching and developing the young careers of many new artists across Canada and the U.S. His innovative thinking has put him in the forefront as a specialist in artist development. He has worked with such artists as Mario, Danity Kane, Danny Fernandes, Keshia Chante and FeFe Dobson. Luther has also taken his artist development skills one step further by developing his first artist, TRISH, which he has signed to his new venture, Apathamusic.

With his passion for dance, and his charisma to continuously challenge himself, Luther has become one of the top choreographers in North America today. He has a proven formula and ample ability to take the vision of any project and create a work of art that without a doubt, always leaves his clients with the utmost respect for him.

No matter what the occasion, Luther is always ready to deliver unforgettable work.

Affiliation: Full member, ACTRA.

Favorite books? Jubilee and John Griffin Howard’s Black Like Me.  I’ve always been interested in history and the plight of slaves whether it be African-American, African-Caribbean, or just plain African.

Favorite quote? “You can’t get full time results from part time efforts.”

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t done yet? I would love to go travel the world, then travel outer space.

Who inspires you? I am inspired by people that are driven. I’m inspired when I get the chance to witness people in unfortunate positions beat the odds and turn them into favourable positions. My parents inspire me.
Why do you do what  you do? I do what I do because I love it and it’s what I feel great doing. LOL. I love being creative and I also have leadership skills; and I’m comfortable accepting that I utilize them.