Richard Phidd

Dr. Richard Phidd

Professor (Retired), Political Science, University of Guelph, ON. Born: Jamaica.

Dr. Richard Phidd taught political science at the University of Guelph for several years until his retirement. In 2006, he was appointed a Fellow of McLaughin College at York University. Since retiring, he continues to work with former students undertaking case studies for public sector organizations in their area of interest at York University, and at the University of the West Indies.

Career: Dr. Phidd taught in the Faculty of Administrative Studies, University of Saskatchewan (1970); Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Guelph (1972-73; assumed a regular appointment in 1973); Associate Professor (1977-78); Visiting Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, Carleton University (1978-79); promoted to full Professor at the University of Guelph and taught courses in Canadian and comparative public policy, and public administration, with an interest in international development and development administration (1986); Visiting Professor, Mona, University of the West Indies (winter semester, 2003).

Research areas: Economic planning; policy-making and management; public-private sector relations and management; public sector organizational behaviour; public sector organizational development and change in Canada.

Works: Public Sector Management in Canada: Prime Ministerial  Leadership and Public Service Reform in Canada Leadership Review (parts I and II; 2007); Development, Change and Adaptation (2001); Co-Author: Canadian Public Policy: Ideas, Structure and Process (1983), 2nd edition (1992); The Politics and Management of Canadian Economic Policy (1978); chapters in: Public Service Reform (1999); Policy Studies in Canada: The State of the Art (1996); Public Enterprise Management (1996); Public Administration in World Perspective (1990); Issues in Canadian Public Policy (1974); The Structures of Policy-Making in Canada (1971). Currently working on Public Sector Management in Canada Development Change and Adaptation: 21st Century Perspectives (adding updates of a study done in 2001). Also: Role of The Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Jamaica (adding research from 2003 and 2011; this work is in progress as part of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary  in 2012.)

Education: PhD, Political Science/Public Administration, Queen’s University (1972); Masters, Public Administration (1966); Graduate Diploma, Public Administration, Carleton University (1965); Bachelor of Arts, Economics & Political Science, SGWU (1964).

Favourite book? Andrew Shonfield’s, Modern Capitalism: The Changing Balance of Public and Private Power. For the depth and thoroughness of the analysis emphasized in his preface.

Favourite quote? “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?” – Robert Browning

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t done yet? I would like to spend time assisting the struggling developing world.

Who inspires you? Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why do you do what you do? I have dedicated my life to assist students to better understand the role of the state in society, by investigating the role of public sector organizations in society.

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