George Boyd

Captain George Borden

Royal Canadian Air Force / Canadian Forces (Retired) / Poet / Songwriter/ Historian, Dartmouth, NS. Born: New Glasgow, NS.

Captain George Borden served in the Royal Canadian Air Force (renamed Canadian Forces in 1968) from 1953-1985, retiring with the rank of Captain. George then served for 5 years as Executive Assistant to the province’s Ministry of Social Services, becoming the first Black in Nova Scotia to hold such a position. From 1988-91, he was the first provincial Literacy Coordinator for Blacks in Nova Scotia.

George is also a well-known poet and songwriter. He wrote the complete lyrics for The Easter Suite (1999), a cantata of 10 original gospel songs. His writings can be found in anthologies, journals, periodicals and documentaries.

Community: Co-Founder, Retired Black Military Luncheon Group (2000); Executive Director, Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia, (1993-94); Executive Director, Black United Front Nova Scotia (1984); Co-Founder, Black Hall of Fame, Nova Scotia (1978).

Honours: Canadian Forces Peacekeeping Medal (2000); Governor General 125th (1992); Canadian Forces Decoration  for 32 years  of service (1985); placed first in the 1997 National Black Poetry Competition; runner-up in the 10th National Poetry Contest, League of Canadian Poets (1997); Centennial Medal (1967).

Works: Including a trilogy on the Black experience: Canaan Odyssey (1988); Footprints, Images and Reflections (1993); A Mighty Long Way (2000). Articles featured in Ebony Black ExpressContrast; Provincial Monitor. Poems featured in Fire on the Water (1991); KOLA; Canada’s Black Battalion (1986). Reviewed in Journey: African Canadian History (2000); Fire on the Water (1991); KOLA.

Heroes: Dr. Carrie Best, community elder; great poets & playwrights.

Motto: For all that you get out of life, you owe it to put something back in.

Favourite  book? Bible…all that I ever need to know is in it.

Favourite quote? “Hate is harder on you, than the one you direct toward.”

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t done yet? Write a bestseller.

Who or what inspires you? Acts of greatness by truly great people.

Why do you do what you do? An internal urge to be productive and useful to others.

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