Paul Winn

Human Rights Activist / Lawyer / COO & CEO, The Great Little Water Company & Veritas Hydrophobic Polymer Inc., New Westminster, BC. Born: Toronto, ON.
Paul Winn is a former civil servant, former broadcaster, and community and human rights activist. In 2003, he ceased to practice law after opening his firm in 1999, and joined the corporate sector. Currently, he is Chief Operating Officer of The Great Little Water Company, which deals with water treatment, purification and desalination. Paul is also the Chief Executive Officer of Veritas Hydrophobic Polymer Inc. which has proprietary nanotechnology formulas that apply a penetrating sealer to various surfaces.

Career: Interim COO, Canadian Race Relations Foundation (2005-06); Acting Director Federal/Provincial/Territorial Relations, National Literacy Secretariat (1990-95); engaged in negotiations on cost-sharing with provinces and territories on jointly funded literacy activities as Senior Policy Analyst, Multiculturalism Secretariat (1988-90); assisted federal departments and agencies design and implement programs and activities as per the Canadian Multiculturalism Act and worked with the CBC in drafting a program to train visible minority writers in TV drama and script writing; as Director, Office of Services for Visible Minority Groups (1986-87); developed and wrote procedures and communication strategies for the affirmative action initiative, as TV writer, broadcaster, host, CBC Pacific Region (1983-84); wrote and hosted The Canadians; as Regional Conciliator, Anti-Discrimination Directorate he investigated and mediated disputes in the Western Region (1981-83). In 1995, Paul completed studies in law; was Staff Liaison for the Multiculturalism Committee, Law Society of B.C. (until 1998); Member of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal (1997-2002).

Affiliations: Including, Black History and Cultural Society, B.C.; B.C. Festival of the Arts Society; BBPA/B.C.; Chief Constable’s Advisory Committee; Vice-Chair, Board CRRF; Black United Front, N.S. (1968-72).

Honours: Inclusion in Who’s Who in Black Canada (1st & 2nd editions; 2002, 2006); HJA, Lifetime Black Historical & Cultural Society; Canadian Alliance for Visible Minorities; Canadian Centre for Police Race Relations, City/District North Vancouver.

Education: Bachelor of Law (LLB), University of British Columbia (1995); Career Assignment Program, Government of Canada, Executive Training Centre (1986); TV & Radio Journalism, CBC (1983); Social Work Certification, University of British Columbia (1967).
Motto: Don’t talk about it, do it!
Favourite book: Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver. It’s about taking action to change things.
Favourite quote: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t done yet? Rekindle a National Black Organization/think tank.
Who inspires you? John B. Braithwaite.
Why do you do what you do? I believe it is the responsibility of the older generation to do what we can to improve conditions for those who come behind us, so the same social difficulties and barriers are not theirs to deal with.
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