Victor E. Gooding

Senior Satellite Systems Specialist, Telesat Canada, Ottawa, ON. Born: Barbados.

Dr. Victor Gooding is a Senior Satellite Systems Specialist at Telesat Canada, a global satellite operator and communications service provider based in Ottawa. Victor joined the company in 1980 and, since 1997, has been responsible for R&D relating to advanced satellite systems and applications. This work involves specification of new broadband satellite systems utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as spot beams, on-board processing, and emerging coding/modulation schemes, as well as the introduction of the higher Ka-band and V-band frequencies of operation. Of note, Victor was Project Manager for the Canadian Space Agency-sponsored development and implementation of the Ka-band payload of the Anik F2 satellite launched in 2004, to-date the largest satellite ever built. Subsequently, he was a key member of the team that pioneered direct-to-home satellite Internet service in Canada via Anik F2.

Highlights: A varied career, in academia and telecommunications engineering: Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Queen’s University (1977-1980); has held a wide range of positions at Telesat (1980-present). Involved in some of the earliest satellite system analysis and network design for voice, data, and video services for the Anik A satellites, the first domestic communications satellites in the world; subsequently helped plan new Anik satellite systems (Anik C, D and E series) as well as MSAT, Canada’s first mobile services satellite. From 1985, he undertook corporate strategic planning to identify potential opportunities and threats to Telesat’s satellite business; in 1989, became responsible for customer assignments on the Anik satellites; from 1994-1996, he became an independent Consultant, and undertaking a variety of engineering projects for Stentor, CANARIE, Industry Canada and ARABSAT; in 1996, he joined TMI Communications as Engineering Team Leader for a number of mobile satellite service development projects. In 1997, he re-joined Telesat in his present position.

Other: Victor excelled in soccer and on the track: played varsity soccer at SGWU for 4 years; competed at the national and international level in track (1973-80); won all Ontario Universities sprint titles (1973-76) representing Queen’s University, setting 3 Ontario university records in the championships (1975); selected to the Barbados Olympic 4x400m relay team (1976). Currently Vice-President, Queen’s Track & Field Booster Club; also coaches competitive youth soccer in Ottawa.

Honours: Several academic scholarships & awards included NSERC Graduate Scholarship (1974-76); Business-related awards: Telesat Award of Excellence (1985); BCE First Invention Award (2006); BBPA Technology & Innovation Award (2007); Athletics awards: J.G. Finnie Trophy, Soccer MVP, SGWU (1973); Association of Alumni Award, Top Graduating Athlete, SGWU (1973); Hec Phillips Trophy, Most Outstanding Track & Field Performer, OUAA (1975); Jack Jarvis Trophy, Outstanding Individual Athlete, Queen’s University (1975); Track & Field Hall of Fame, Queen’s University (1994).

Works: Patent for method to assess potential performance and capacity of spot beam satellite systems utilizing advanced coding & modulation (2005); numerous conference papers.

Education: PhD, Applied Sciences (1977); Masters Applied Sciences (1974), Queen’s University; B.Eng., SGWU (1973).

Favourite book? I don’t have a favourite book.

Favourite quotes? 1) “I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson &  2) “Just do it!” – Nike

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you haven’t done yet? Be a musician/music producer

Who or what inspires you? My major source of inspiration is being black and successful at what I do.

Why do you do what you do? I enjoy working in an area (R&D) where I have to use specialized and sometimes unique skills to produce new, exciting results and products.