Caffery Vanhorne

Stylist / Creative Director, Caffery Vanhorne / Caffery Vanhorne Salons, Toronto, ON & Montreal, QC. Born: Kingston, Jamaica.

Caffery Vanhorne has often been referred to as a stylist-at-large. His educational background began in fashion design, which he balanced with an apprenticeship as a hairstylist. After many years of training and practice, his two skill-sets often cross paths under the umbrella of editorial photography.

Caffery began his professional journey as a teen creating hairstyles for his schoolmates, which proved to not only be lucrative but spiritually rewarding, as well. His turning point in hair design occurred when he created a weave for the mother of a friend who started losing her hair in her early 30s. It was then that Caffery realized it was not just about “doing hair”, but about rebuilding a woman’s self-esteem. He subsequently decided to set his sights on sharing his gifts and lifting the spirits of as many people as possible.

In an effort to develop globally, Caffery left Toronto for London, England in 1992, where he soon became a must-see stylist during London Fashion Week, and worked with many high-profile artists on the Sony Music UK roster. While there, his work was featured on the monumental cover of Black Hair Magazine (January 2000). Caffery returned to Toronto in 2001, where he began competing in various competitions and was named the “Classic Stylist of the Year”. In competing, he discovered that he loved creating images, and the nature of his work shifted to include photography (hair, fashion and makeup). He further fulfilled his passion by working with many celebrated photographers such as, Gabor Jurina, Nathaniel Anderson, Tru Ferguson, Arkan Zakharov, Ken Pao, Walter Singh, Lindsay Lozon, etc.

After several years spent traveling to Montreal, the Miami, New York and Europe, Caffery has established an atelier in Toronto. He continues to maintain loyal clients in other cities, as well.

Work featured in: American Photo, Amoi, BPM, French Photo, Los Angeles, Lush and Schon magazines.

Favourite book? Who Stole My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. This book taught me the importance gathering what you can and moving not just on but forward.

Favourite quote? “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you have not done yet? Have and sustain a relationship. In my life, I have been fortunate to have things. People are so much more important.

Who inspires you? Anyone who follows their journey.

Why do you do what you do? It’s my natural talent. There is so much more that I plan to do…I see every day as a chance to further develop my craft.

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