David Kibuuka

Pro-Artist / Instructor, Modern Batik Art Workshops, Oakville, ON. Born: Uganda, East Africa.

In 1983, David Kibuuka immigrated to Canada to finish his studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Over the past 20 years, David has owned and operated art galleries in Toronto and Los Angeles. His loyal clientele consists of collectors from the business, sports and entertainment communities. As well, from 1990-1993, David’s humanitarian efforts have supported worldwide UNICEF fundraising efforts; his images decorated four greeting art cards which were sold worldwide to benefit the organization.

In 2005, a collaboration was formed between World Vision Canada, Artistic Canada and David to produce posters using his images to raise money to benefit “Hope Initiative” which provides prevention, care and advocacy programs for children and adults affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. David then founded www.Lumu.org, in 2007, to directly fundraise for orphaned children in Uganda.

David’s virtual gallery (www.kibuuka.com) allows him the time to follow his passion, teaching the Modern Batik Art technique to empower the next generation of artistic youth. His workshops have been held in the USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, and in several Caribbean countries.

Favourite book? Think and Grow Rich in Life by Napoleon Hill. I strongly believe in the philosophy of working hard and smart in the achievement and service in our chosen fields in life.

Favourite quote? “What a mind can believe and conceive, a mind can achieve.”

Given the chance, what would you love to do that you have not done yet? Run an orphanage to give back to those who are not as lucky as some of us are on this good earth.

Who/what inspires you? Time inspires me to move towards my goals in life as it waits for nobody.

Why do you do what you do? Life is a journey we all begin. We hold the road map in our hands and must walk the path in life to experience it.

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