Francis Jeffers

Founder / Executive Director, Visions of Science Network for Learning, Toronto, ON. Born: Dominica.

Francis Jeffers created, Visions of Science Network for Learning to promote the awareness of achievements in sciences, and to encourage Black and other under-represented youth to aspire to careers in science, mathematics and technology. Since 1991, youth in Grades 6-12 in Toronto and Hamilton have benefited from lectures, exhibits, annual symposiums, annual science fairs and workshops to stimulate interest. A network of community science clubs have since been created.

Community: Curator of the International African Inventors Museum and the Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum. These are the largest mobile African and multi-cultural museums in the world which tour and display items created by African people worldwide and other diverse communities in Canada.

Previously: Association of Black Professionals in Science & Technology; African Canadian Heritage Association; African Relief Committee in Canada.

Other: Works at Sanofi Pasteur; previously at Connaught Laboratories (since 1979).

Honours: Includes the Harry Jerome Award (2003); June Veecock Leadership Award, CBTU (2004); Alumni Award, UTSC and BSA (2004); ACAA (2001).

Education: Biochemistry, University of Toronto (1979).

Credo: For our people, we must have undying love.

Favourite book? The Autobiography of Malcom X by Alex Haley.

Favourite quotes? “For our people, we must have undying love.” & “We must educate ourselves for the benefit of our people.” – Both quotes given to me by Brother Kwame Toure (a.k.a. Stokley Carmichael).

Given the chance, what would you do that you haven’t done yet? Travel around the world and build a worldwide African science club network.

Who inspires you? Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Marcus Garvey; my father, N.A.N. Jeffers.

Why do you what you do? For the love of African people and the reconstruction of the global African world.

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